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Humour intact

From the daily grind at lj_malay:

English (LJ): Hundreds of trained monkeys are currently running about finding your search results. Please stand by.
Malay: Beribu-ribu monyet terlatih sedang berlari lintang pukang mencari hasil carian anda. Sila tunggu sebentar.

We're gonna use it. Really.
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Badly translated Malay subtitles

Badly translated subtitles are hilarious. Share those you've seen.

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings
Boromir: They have a cave troll.
Translation: Mereka mempunyai lubang besar.

Unknown origins, related by a friend
Original: Cut me some slack.
Translation: Tolong potong seluar saya.
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Novel writing query

I know that if you insert lyrics into a story you will have to obtain the permission from the copyright owners of the lyrics, but how do you go about copyright if you are inserting advertisement copy?

For an example, if I have a character driving around town while listening to the radio, and then listens to a jingle by Hotlink (I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now), is it necessary for me to contact the advertisement company that came up with that jingle if I want to include it into the story? Usually, how do you go about this?

- posted to katakita, malaysians. Will probably post to other places as well.
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Spread The Word

If you have nothing better to do tonight, there's Troubadours: "Real Music, Real People" show featuring Shelley Leong and TragiComedy plus open mic at La Bodega KL Tengkat Tong Shin, Bkt Bintang on Sunday, 17th July, 7.30pm. There's All night Happy Hour and Special Menu . Admission is FREE!!

Global Malaysians Network - DEREGISTER YOURSELF

If you are on the Global Malaysians Network, CALL THE STAR AND DEREGISTER NOW.

Call +60379671388 and ask for extension 1335. Tell them to take your contact details down NOW.

There is a case of identity theft going on; I registered a couple of hours ago and I've had people pretend to be me and register me for random stuff. I even had The Star articles forwarded by my "friends" - only to turn out to not be them.

When I called them, they said it was the first time they had heard of it (despite the accouncement on the GMN website) and that they'll take your contact details down. The numbers on the GMN site and on The Star's site are the same.

PASS THE WORD. Otherwise you may be in for fraud. Be careful.

Project Proposal - "Brick In The Wall"

Brick In The Walli s a project to raise awareness and encourage exploration in all forms of alternative education - from study abroad to internships, mentorships to homeschooling, all sorts of things. Among the acitivities provided by Brick In The Wall include a Resource Centre, the "Support Me" Program, a scholarship fund, and various awareness programs.

Right now Brick In The Wall is in the Ideas and Feedback stage. I'd like you to read the proposal and give your ideas and feedback. Also, please pass this on, as I'd like to get feedback from all sorts of people.

Download the .PDF file below:

Project Proposal - Brick In The Wall (Preliminary Draft)
(Link Updated!)

edit #3: Tis Working!

Read it, send me your feedback, and pass this on!

thanks! :)
aeka is auugh

8: (insert witty tagline here)

8: (insert witty tagline here) is a short play performed by 8 young actors, acting out 8 short plays about 10 minutes long each. Derived from the actors' personal experiences, the plays ranges from funny and whimsical, to the tragic and melodramatic. Using minimalistic props, a bare set, and dramatic monologues, 8 attempts to drive home the core of the message that each of the plays contains.

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Anyone else has watched this play and would like to share?