May 27th, 2005


Project Proposal - "Brick In The Wall"

Brick In The Walli s a project to raise awareness and encourage exploration in all forms of alternative education - from study abroad to internships, mentorships to homeschooling, all sorts of things. Among the acitivities provided by Brick In The Wall include a Resource Centre, the "Support Me" Program, a scholarship fund, and various awareness programs.

Right now Brick In The Wall is in the Ideas and Feedback stage. I'd like you to read the proposal and give your ideas and feedback. Also, please pass this on, as I'd like to get feedback from all sorts of people.

Download the .PDF file below:

Project Proposal - Brick In The Wall (Preliminary Draft)
(Link Updated!)

edit #3: Tis Working!

Read it, send me your feedback, and pass this on!

thanks! :)