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where [almost, but not quite] everything goes

Kata Kita
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All Members , Moderated
About this Community

This community was created for the purpose of being a place to discuss matters pertaining to that somewhat small country in the middle of South East Asia.

You DO NOT have to be Malaysian to join this community.

Rules & Guidelines, plus a note on the Moderator

  • Do not claim ownership of images that are not your own.
  • If you are posting more than one image, please use an lj-cut.
  • Do optimize images for web-viewing, if possible. Dial-up users will be grateful.
  • Please keep all images under 600 pixels in width and of proportionate height.
  • If you need image hosting, try Photobucket.

  • English is the preferred language as the membership of this community is not limited to Malaysians. However, some usage of Malay or other languages is fine as well - it might even be fun.
  • Pliz do nut taip lyk dis....it iz verri anoying!!!11! [Translation: Entries written entirely in l33tspeak and text messaging lingo is a no-no. You will be laughed at and mocked mercilessly for this transgression]
  • You can edit your post if you feel you have made a mistake. Go here to see how.
  • Please do not disable comments - that rather defeats the purpose of making a post in a community.
  • Do not use the community as a place to post personal entries (for example: "I drove into a longkang today, ate some bad curry mee and the neighbour ran over my dog, which is sad, but at least my exams are over"). Those posts WILL be deleted, and repeat offenders will be banned.
  • Writing a very long post? Lj-cut. Thanks in advance.

  • By joining this community, you agree to abide by the Rules & Guidelines as stated above.
  • This is an open community and any member can post. Don't give me a reason to change that and spoil it for everyone else.
  • Play nice. Be accepting of the fact that other people's opinions may differ from your own.
  • Be relevant. That isn't asking for much, considering there's an entire country and its people and culture to talk about.

  • This community is moderated by chipperazzi. She has a life to live, so please do not send her whiny e-mails complaining about her choice of layout colours or any other such rubbish. There is quite a high likelihood that she will cut-and-paste such e-mails onto her personal journal and mock it mercilessly.
  • However, if you DO have a genuine problem within the community - harrassment and bullying, for example - feel free to drop her a line at the community e-mail listed above. She can't promise to solve the problem, but she will try.
  • Constructive criticism, suggestions, money and vouchers for online stores can also be sent to the community e-mail address (she's kidding about the last two things).

This community is a proud affiliate of malaysian_food and msiansoverseas.